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13 January 1866: Cramlington Colliery riot verdicts: Thomas Wanless, age 37, sentenced to 8 months imprisonment 1843 Ad for Carillon Academy run by Mr. George Wanless in Carillon, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada 1844 ad for Gilbert Wanless, surgical machinist and spring truss maker, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1850s Dundee court case describes lineage of William Wanless & Euphan/Euphemia Boyd, their son David Wanless, his son Peter Wanless 1858, Mendota, Illinois: John Wanless left Mendota within the previous 6 months or so 1860: Wanless, resident of Miller's Point, Sydney, Australia, in a fight 1862 Hartley Pit Disaster: details of what happened and who died 1866: Tetley vs. Wandless, Bankruptcy case, 5 Nov 1866 tried at Carlisle, Cumberland, England 1873: Ad for George F. Wanless piano tuning, Denver, CO 1874: Description of John Wanless's Stud Farm, Denver, CO
1882: William Wandless of Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts rescues Frank Perry from a suicide attempt 1883: Steamship Creole arrives from Boston under Captain Wandless 1883: Wanted: Agents for the Wanless Detachable & Self-Locking Pillow Sham Holder 1901: 2-yr-old Earl Wanless, s/o Thomas Wanless & Minnie Kilpatrick, saved from drowning by 8-yr-old neighbor boy Freddie Herendeen 1903: Henry Wandless and Grace Konopak - how they met and wed 1905 drowning of children James & Thomas Wanless in Fisherrow Harbor, Musselburgh, Scotland, by their mother Eleanor Collister Wanless 1907 death notice of Lillian Estelle Wandless, age 6, d/o William Wandless & Lotta Frances Griffin, Ridgewood, NJ 1910 Dec 12: Thomas Wandless, burglar, is being tube-fed in Passaic hospital 1910 Dec 13: Thomas Wandless, burglar, would have inherited $80,000 1910: Police Sergeant (Filetus Eleven Wanless) of Portland, Oregon takes a bullet through his coat sleeve while subduing a prisoner
1910: Thomas Wandless, burglar, is shot while entering a Passaic home 1916: Jessie Wanless, 50, jumps to her death during New York heat wave 1916: John F. Wandless, Canadian Soldier, wounded but still on duty overseas 1931: Mark Wanless of Harrisburg, Illinois arrested for murder because a bomb in his truck blew up and killed 2 people 1932, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Howard E. Wandless testifies how C.C. Donkin extorted him to embezzle $80,000 from the Modern Building & Loan Association 1932: Rifle explodes in face of Robert Wanless, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia 1938: Barrie Wanless, actor, New York city 1940: Lieut. Robert H. Wanless leaves on a Navy vessel for patrol duty in the Atlantic (son of G.H. Wanless of Chicago) 1942: Barrie Wanless, actor, New York city 1954: Captain Robert Emery Wanless, PanAm pilot
1970: Merv Wanless, Australian Racehorse Owner, Visits New York 1977: Details of Cravens Wanlass's controlled torque motor invention 1978: Engagement of Dr. Ian Robert Wanless and Dr. Eve Ann Roberts 20 Oct 1865 First trial of the Cramlington Colliery strikers who rioted on 13 Oct to protest the eviction of strikers from colliery-owned houses at West Cramlington Colliery 3 July 1884: Robbery at Wanless Jewellers in Toronto 4 Aug 1930 Matthew Wanless of Newcastle wounded in struggle with shooter in Lover's Lane near Denton Burn 6 Jan 1866 account of the trial of the rioters during the Cramlington Colliery strike; Thomas Wanless was sentenced to 8 months in prison Ad for Andrew Wanless, book binder, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 22 Aug 1853 Ad for Wanless & Co. Jewellery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ada Kinsman Wanless obituary (1872)
Bartlett Wanless arrested in 1941 for passing out Jehovah's Witnesses flyers; sentenced to 5 months in jail Coral Laverne Wanless's Accidental Bigamous Marriage to Howard M. Jewell Coroner's Trial Finds Barnes Guilty of Shooting Charles Wanless (Denver, CO, 1890) Cravens L. Wanlass announces controlled torque motor Death notice of Dr. Stanley Adrian Wanlass Death notice of Edgar Griffin Wandless, 1936, Saddle River, NJ Death of Sir Wm. H. Irvine (married Agnes Somerville Wanliss), Melbourne, Aus.1943 Death of William Edwin Wandless, Ridgewood, NJ, 1903 Death of William R. Wandless, Ridgewood, NJ, 1902 Details of killing of Ann Barlow by husband Robert Wanless, 1871
Dr. John Wanless of Montreal helps fight a fire at St. Andrew's church (1869) Duncan Wanless fined for seduction (Orangeville, Ontario, Canada; 1883) Eldridge Wanless death notice, Roseburg OR, 1916 Engagement of Freeman Wanless & Arlien Brown (1948, Minnesota) Engagement of Harold Rollin Wanless to Marjorie Boden, 1964 Engagement: Camilla Vivian Wanlass to Robert W. Perkins, New York False report of Sir William Wanless's death in 1922. Fatal Shooting of Officer Charles Wanless, Denver, CO, 1890 Follow-up to 1871 railway killing of Anne Wanless by her husband Robert Funeral of Slain Police Officer Charles Wanless, Denver, CO, 1890
George A. Wanless & William McKerracher open a 'working man's' store in Ottawa (Sept 1914) George F. Wanless sustains concussion by falling off his bicycle, 1899 George Wandlass (b.1883) of Girardville, Schuylkill Co, Pennsylvania gets his eye pecked out by a crane, 1897 Grace Konapak weds Dr. Henry W. Wandless of New York City after jilting Australian betrothed Great fire in Toronto destroys Wanless's big jewelry establishment on Yonge street (1895) Hand-drawn newspaper portrait of Ivor Branch Tate, first wife of Dr. Henry W. Wandless, 1896 Harold J. Wandless advertising agency, New York, 1943 Harold J. Wandless advertising agency, New York, 1949 J. Wanless gets 2nd-class certificate in Clinton, Ontario (Canada) exam (1883) John Wanless Jewellers on Yonge Street in Toronto is closing
John Wanless Macdougald of Edinburgh, Scotland vs. the estate of his brother Robert John Wanless tries & fails to arrest an embezzler in Mendota, Illinois (1859) John Wanless, M.D. appointed coroner of the City of London (Ontario, Canada; 1855) John Wanless, shoemaker of St. Andrews, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada (1842) Lawrence C. Wanlass, first president of college in US Virgin Islands Leonard Wanless sells Wanless Implement, Hawarden, Iowa, 1963 Letter from John Robson Wanless to his parents, while on a voyage to Kamchatka in the Bering Strait (1867) List of payments to growers of flax & flax-seed, 1794, Robert Wanless of Saucher farm, Collace, Perth, Scotland Mark Wanless's death in Tottenham, Coundon, Durham - coroner's inquest results, Sept 1894 Martin Wandless Green [Graydon], sea captain of Sunderland, on trial in London for cruelty to cabin boy, 1 Nov 1833
Miscellaneous mentions of Wanless names in the New York Times Mr. and Misses (3) Wanless arrive in Quebec from England (1866) Obituary of Andrew Wanless, poet, Detroit, Michigan Obituary of Darinda Wanless Holt, 1913 Obituary of David Sydney Wanliss (1943) Obituary of David Sydney Wanliss, 1943 Obituary of Dr. Henry W. Wandless, New York, Obituary of Evelyn Underwood, widow of Dr. Richard Wanless, New York Obituary of Harold J. Wandless Obituary of Jane Wright, wife of Gilbert Wanless (1862)
Obituary of Sir William James Wanless, Healer & Missionary to India (1933) Obituary, 1932: Bill Wanless, Montreal football star Obituary: Dr. Stanley A. Wanlass, Harrison, New York Obituary: Harold Boyd Wanliss, 1917 Obituary: Major-General Robert Wanless-O'Gowan, 1864-1947 Over 100 Presbyterian and Methodist ministers and missionaries are descended from 5 Virginia pioneers, including George Poage Wanless Pioneers Plan Tribute to the late John Wanless, Denver, CO, 1886 Probate notice, Lottie F. Wandless, Ridgewood, NJ, 1936 RCAF Pilot Officer Ernest Wanless, bombing instructor, posted to East Coast RCAF Pilot Officer Ernest Wanless, posted to Bombing & Gunnery School at Jarvis
Retirement announcement of Sir William James Wanless Robert Wanless kills wife Ann Barlow in train car, 1871 Ruth Wanless Helps Nab Burglar (Portland, Oregon, 1910) Sir William James Wanless is alive after all! T.G. Wanless participated in the Northern Alberta Sunday School Convention (July 1896) The Boston Globe discovers that Thomas Wandless, Passaic burglar, is Boston's own Charles Howard, the Boston burglar Thomas Wandless, burglar - wife Mazie Coyle Howard (Wandless) acquitted Thomas Wandless, burglar of New Jersey & Boston - accomplice Jean Mille relates some of their burgling life together Thomas Wandless, burglar, alias Howard - infant son visits him in prison
Thomas Wandless, burglar, escapes from Boston Jail (the Globe's version)
Thomas Wandless, burglar, escapes from Boston Jail (the Journal's version)
Thomas Wandless, burglar, formerly of Brooklyn and Boston, died in Passaic, New Jersey Thomas Wandless, burglar, inherits $40,000 but has seven years to serve in jail at Charlestown State Prison Thomas Wandless, burglar, is cousin to Walter Wandless of Camden, NJ Thomas Wandless, burglar: wife Mazie/May Howard/Wandless speaks out after her acquittal Thomas Wanless Morrissey Bitten By Snake, 1920 Thomas Wanless, snake charmer, Australia, 1915 Trial of Constable George Weddell for the murder of Cuthbert Skipsey; trial of Anthony Wanless for his part in the riot Walter A. Wandless, 17, falls down elevator shaft in Boston, 1907 Wanlass family of Duluth tossed in pleasure craft in fifty-mile wind
Wanless Cemetery, Pocahontas Co, WV - transfer from Methodist Church to Trustees, 1997 Wanless, Carsons, and McLean buy Calgary flouring mill (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Sept 1898) Wedding of Paul Wanless and Miriam Carr Winnipeg Saw Mill Explosion: 1880 Explosion at Jarvis & Berridge's Winnipeg Saw Mill severely injures Mr. Wanless and others, kills at least one man Winnipeg Saw Mill Explosion: Detailed description by Mr. Wanless about how the explosion occurred (a boiler blew up). Winnipeg Saw Mill Explosion: page 2 - Explosion at Jarvis & Berridge's Winnipeg Saw Mill; Mr. Wanless is identified Winnipeg Saw Mill Explosion: Update on the condition of Mr. Wanless who was injured in the recent explosion at the Winnipeg Saw Mill