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'cousin Frank Heath' on back (presumably a son of Eleanor Agnes Wanless & John Francis Heath, md. 1869, Chatham, Kent, Ontario) (L to R) Elizabeth Simpson Wanless, Sidney Simpson Wanless, Cicily Hannah Wanless (L-R) John Marion Wanless (b. 1895), Mary Elizabeth (Kinney) Wanless, Myrtle E. Wanless (b. 1897), Paul Crandall Wanless (b. 1871). (L-R)Andrew, Robert, & Alexander Scott Wanless (sons of Richard W & Jessie Weatherstone) (left to right) Henry (1844-1935), John (1854-1932) & George Wanless (1847-1930)
 4 generations: descendants of John D. Wanless & Margaret Smith (Richland Co, Wisconsin) Ada Sarah Kinsman (1845-1871), wife of Rev. Edward Archibald Wanless Agninia Wanless (1838- >1901), b. Scotland Alexander Clark (1831-1904) Alfred Wanless & Mary Ellen Green
Alice Wanless, d/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson Andrew Thomas Moore (1853-1899) Andrew Wanless (1825-1898), born Longformacus, Scotland, died a poet & bookseller in Detroit, Michigan Ann Wanless Marshall (b.1827) Apparently the shop of John Creelman Wanless in Chatham, Ontario Arthur & Maud Wanless Price on the last day of WWII Arthur Wm. Price & Maud Wanless during WWI Article about Roy Bernard Wanless's military service Auchope Farm, Roxburghshire, Scotland - close view Auchope Farm, Roxburghshire, Scotland - distant view
Believed to be Henry Ray Wanless & his wife Martha & daughter Elvira, at their home in Bay City Blakiston Hall - modern bungalow replacement Blakiston Hall description and photograph, 1905 Blakiston Hall, 1897 - from a book, with a short history Blakiston Hall, 1905 (Kitchen wing of the 17th century Davison residence) Bob Nesbit high school portrait Budd & Esther, 1923 Business card for John A. Wanless, pillow sham holder manufacturer, circa 1885-1888 Captain John Andrew Wanless (1836-1915) Cecil Wanliss (1866-1933)
Centre: Mabel ( Wanless) Browbank; the next man to the right (on her left) is her brother John Wanless (est 1960s) Charles Urquhart Wanless (1899-1958) Children (adults) & grandchildren of William Miller Wanless (center front) and Isabella Cuthbert (dec'd) Children of Archibald Wanless (1823-1855, son of George Wanless & Anne Douglass) Children of James D.B. Black Children of Leven Wanless Christiana Bonthron (1839-1900), on her 21st birthday in 1860 Close-up of John Andrew Wanless as an old man Close-up of Leonard Wanless as a boy David Baxter Wanless (1835-1901) - attempt at repairing damage with Photoshop
David Baxter Wanless (1835-1901) - unretouched tintype Death of John McDonald Wanless of The Pas, Manitoba, 1956 Dr. John Wanless, homeopathic physican of Montreal, Quebec Duncan, James, John, Robert, & George Wanless of Brampton, Ontario, Canada Edith Fowkes (wife of James Wanlass) 1865-1949 Eldridge Wanless (1837-1916) Elizabeth (Brown) Wanless, 1842-1892, wife of William Wanless of Sangamon co, Illinois Elizabeth Wanless Cranston (1802-1876) Ellen Home Wanless Leach (1846-1932) Elvira/Alvira Wanless (b. 1874), dau. of Henry Ray Wanless of Bay City, Michigan
Elvira/Alvira Wanless (d/o Henry Ray Wanless) Emile & Ladorah Emlen Wanless (1906-1958) yearbook photo, 1926 Emma Marie Wanless (d/o George Wanless & Guadalupe Castaneda)& her husband Erasmo Anchondo Emma Mary Wanless (1857-?), d/o John Wanless & Maria Gates Emma Price (left), Elizabeth Price (middle back), and their mother Maud Wanless Price (left), on the oubreak of WWII. Eric (left, b. 1930) and his brother Arthur (b. 1942), about 2004, probably in South Africa Family of Ellen Home Wanless Leach Family of Ellen Home Wanless Leach Family of George Frank Wanless & Annie Randall Hume
Family of Gilbert Wanless & Mary Noble Family of William Wilson (1852-1911) & Elizabeth Wanlass (1848-1921), Muirkirk, Scotland, probably taken about 1893 Frank Armando Wanless & M. Cecilia Montano on their wedding day
Frederick James Moralee (b. 1880) Frederick Randall Wanless, a senior at Denver High School in Denver, Colorado, 1894 from left: John Wanless; next, his sister Isabella (Wanless) Lumsden (est 1960s) George Clark Wandless (1844-1918) of Pittsburgh, PA and his wife Mary Emma Waughter George Edward Smith & Theresa Wanless (1871-??) George Frank Wanless (1842-1927) George Frank Wanless at his desk
George Hawkins Wanless & Christina Thorburn Niven & their children George James Wanless (1847-1930) of Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada George James Wanless (1855-1912) in his West Point cadet Naval uniform, about 1870-71 George James Wanless (1855-1912), s/o John Wanless & Maria Gates George Martin Wanless, s/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson George Munro Wanless (1874) close-up George Munro Wanless, his wife Mary Glasscock, and their children, circa 1909 George Walter Wandless (1923-1982), St. Louis, MO George Wanless (1802-1882), master of Carillon Academy, Carillon, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada George Wanless (abt 1828-1887), s/o Wm Wanless & Sarah Edson, in Leeds, YKS est 1860-1870
Georgenne Jackson (1927-2012) and her husband Bill Jones, probably 1990s, Vancouver, WA Georgenne Jackson (1927-2012), about 1945, Vancouver, WA Georgenne Jackson (1927-2012), age 17, about 1945, Vancouver, WA Gertrude Mary Wanless, d/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson Gilbert Wanless's House in Long Branch, Ontario GladysNesbit-HighSchoolPort.jpg Grandpa Wanless, 1916, Oakland, CA - possibly Albert s/o Stephen Wilson Wanless & Fanny Duffield Guadalupe Castaneda Wanless and her children Emma, Eva, and George Hannah Simpson (1864-1935), wife of Joseph Wanless Hannah Wanless (1821, 1904), d/o Thomas Wanless & Elizabeth Jones of Argenteuil, Quebec
Harness shop of Henry Ray Wanless & his son Bernard, with grandson Roy B. in front (we think) Harold Boyd Wanliss Harold Rollin Wanless (1898-1970) Harold Rollin Wanless, geologist Henry Ray Wanless House of William McDonald Wanless, 'Fruitfield' Howard K. Wanless, 1916, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Isabella Faill b. 1838 (d/o Isabella Wanless & John Faill) with her son Alexander Faill Moralee (b. 1885). Jackson Wanlass Jr. (1853-1927)& family Jackson Wanlass Jr. in 1927
James Angus Wanless (1863-1934) family James Angus Wanless (1863-1934)& wife Josie Minett & children 
James B. Wanless (1865-1938), Duluth, Minnesota, 1928
James D.B. Black family James Daniel Brown Black's house in Belleville, Kansas. James Fish Wanless (1863-1891) James Fish Wanless, a senior at Denver High School in Denver, Colorado, 1881
James Fowkes Wanlass (1885-1946), s/o James Wanlass & Edith Fowkes James Harvey Wandless (1878/79-1945), Pittsburgh, PA James Simpson Wanless, s/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson
James Wanlass & Edith Fowkes's home on Fox Creek at Victor, Idaho (ca 1911-1921) James Wanlass (1825-1895), orphan of unknown parents James Wanlass (1846-1921), s/o James Wanlass & Margaret Neilson James Wanless (abt 1842-1902) & Mary Ann Campbell (abt 1844-1920), probably taken in Aberdalgie or Perth around 1900
Jane (Irvine) Wanless (1856-1929), wife of Robert Jane Laws or her daughter Mary Jane Wanless Jane Laws Wanless or a child or grandchild of hers Janet (Drummond) Wanliss (1801-1876) of Jamesfield, Carpow, and St. Magdalene's farm, Perth, about 1860 Janet Reid Young (1835-1920), wife of William Wanless of Simcoe Co, Ontario Jay Vee Wanless (1880-1957) & his brother Emmett Vernon Wanless (1874-1900)
Jessie Wanless (1869-1950) & Thomas Eddy on their wedding day Jessie Wanless (1869-1950) & Thomas Eddy, on their 50th anniversary John Andrew Wanless (1836-1915) & son Leonard (1904-1983) John Creelman Wanless John D. Wanless homestead in Richland co, Wisconsin John McDonald Wanless, The Pas, Manitoba, 1935 John Newton Wanless (1846-??) John Wandless Quinn (abt 1850-1902), mayor of Warwick, Queensland, Australia, 1878 John Wanless (1802-1898, son of William Wanless & Margaret Gray) & his daughter Margaret John Wanless (1896-1977) & Ellen Davison
John Wanless (b.1855) & Jane Emerson John Wanless (s/o John Wanless & Jane Emerson) in his World War I uniform John Wanliss (1789-1866) of Jamesfield, Carpow, and St. Magdalene's farm, Perth, about 1860 John Wetherston 'Jack' Wanless (1856-1935) Joseph 'Walter' Wanless b. 1888 Joseph and Lydia (Carr) Wanless and their daughter Jane Ethel taken c. 1901. Joseph Wanless & Ann Dodds Wanless, taken  in Canning Town, East London, 10 months before Joseph's death. Joseph Wanless (1854-??), s/o John Wanless & Alice Adamson Joseph Wanless (1855-1900), s/o Joseph Wanless & Mary Ann Robinson Joseph Wanless (1870-1941), s/o George Wanless & Jane Elliott
Joseph Wanless (1887-1915), s/o Joseph Wanless & Ann Dodds Joseph Wanless Jr. (1897-1954), s/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson Kirk Yetholm, Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland Labeled 'Aunt Mary Miller', possibly a tintype. 
We don't know who she is. Leonard Wanless & Effie Keaty wedding Leonard Wanless as a boy in overalls Lily Wandless (1879-1971) & George Haldan Cook, of Whangarei, New Zealand Lorna Wandless & Emery Graunke marriage announcement Lt. Col John Wanless (1833-1886) in military uniform Lt. Col. John Wanless (1833-1886)
Lt. Col. John Wanless - his signature Lyle Wanless (1904-1979) with his infant son Everett, 1939 Margaret (Bell) Wanless, wife of John McDonald Wanless, 1938, The Pas or Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Margaret Alice Wanless of Seaham, Durham, England(1874-??)
Margaret Halket Wanless, Sarah Rife Wanless, John Wanless, and family, circa 1902-1903 Margaret Neilson (1821-1903), wife of James Wanlass Maria Gates (abt 1836-abt 1886) Marie Angelique Arrivee (1865-1923) Mark William Wanless (1873-1940) Martha H. (Wandless) Lackey & her children
Mary Ann Wandless (1872-??) & her husband William Tarbet Robertson, taken about 1915 in Falkirk, Stirling Scotland.
Mary Glasscock, wife of George Munro Wanless (1874) Mary Helena Wanless, class of 1887, Denver High School, Denver, Colorado Mary Wanless (1825-1907, daughter of George Wanless & Anne Douglass) Mary Wanless Clark (1825-1907) Maud Wanless the year before she married Arthur Price Maybe Louisa Wanless (1860-??) and her mother Jane (Laws) Wanless (1825-??). Memorial for George Albert Wanless, killed at Somme in 1916 (s/o Thomas Wanless & Ann Stewart) Mervyn Wanliss, 1967 Morebattle Church, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Myrtle Wanless Graham (circa 1882/4-1920, Virginia/West VA) Nancy Dilley (1818-1895) Orpha Delight Knox Wanless and her grandson Aaron Wanless, 1966 Plan of the fields around Blakiston Hall in 1855 Portrait of James Wanless (1811-1889) of Dundee, Scotland, on the occasion of his marriage to  Margaret Halket, 1838 Possibly James Wanless (1811-1889) of Dundee in the 1860s Ralph Wanless (1885-1954), s/o Thomas Spedding Wanless & Ellen Mills Richard Alexander Wanless (1896-1980) & Sarah Jones Brown Richard Wanless (1883-1974) Richard, George, & Alec Wanless
Richland county (Wisconsin) homestead of John D. Wanless (1830-1865) Robert Cyrus Wanless, s/o Joseph Wanless & Hannah Simpson Robert Wanless (1812-1879, son of Robert Wanless & Alice Mould) - maybe
Robert Wanless (1850-1919), probably taken in Providence, Webster Co, Kentucky Robert Wanless s/o Robert Cyrus Wanless & Hannah Alderson, with his Home Guard Unit Robert Wanless, s/o Robert Cyrus Wanless & Hannah Alderson, May 1944 Samuel Edward Wanlass (1882-1953) with his wife Ruby Hoggard Sarah Rife (1848-1935), wife of John Wanless (1846-1924) Signature quilt given to Susan Wanless, circa 1840s-1850s, in West Virginia, Ohio, or Wisconsin Sir William James Wanless (1865-1933), medical missionary to India
Sophia Alice 'Allie' Wanless, 1857-1888, Pocahontas co, West Virginia Standing at back: Joseph Wanless (1870-1941)<br>
Sitting: his grandfather Joseph Wanless (1820-1907) & mother Jane (Elliott) Wanless (wife of George)<br>
Daughters of Joseph b. 1870: Jane Ethel b. 1899, Mary Dorothea b. 1901 Studio bust portrait of Will Frank Wanless, a senior at Denver High School in Denver, Colorado, 1888 Susan Wanless quilt - signature of Archibald Wanless Susan Wanless quilt - signature of Jane Barclay The Cheviot Hills - area surrounding Auchope & Woodside, Roxburghshire, Scotland The Cheviot Hills, another view Theresa Wanless Smith (at left) with aunt and cousins (Buntons) Thomas & his wife Sophie Simpson at the tollgate they operated at West Wylam - 1950s? Thomas Charles Wandless (1878-1962), about 1898
Thomas Wanless (1844-??, s/o Joseph Wanless & Eleanor Oliver), his daughter Mary Ellen (Wanless) Duffel, her daughter Mary Ellen (Duffel) Nathan, her son Thomas Nathan, and his infant son Thomas Henry Nathan Thomas Wanless (1867-1936) in his band uniform Thos. Wanless, gents' clothing and furnishing goods, Wanless Block, Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado, est 1869-1879 Townfoot Farm, Biddlestone, Northumberland, England Unidentified male from the John Wanless/Maria Gates group. Unidentified male from the John Wanless/Maria Gates group. Unidentified Wanless girl from the John Wanless/Maria Gates collection. Unlabeled photo, apparently taken at US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Virginia (Teter) Wanless & baby grandson Perry 'Mike' Wanless, about 1949, Upshur Co, West Virginia Virginia Wanless (1884-??) & her son
Wanless Block, Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, between 1885 and 1890 Wedding portrait of Margaret Halket on the occasion of her marriage to James Wanless of Dundee, Scotland, in 1838 William Evans (1823-1888), husband of Hannah Wanless of Argenteuil, Quebec William Hill Irvine (abt 1858-1943) William Maurice Potter (1924-1981) with his horse Myrtle in front of Blakiston Hall about 1939 William Miller Wanless (1855-1946) & Isabella Cuthbert (c.1850-1927), probably taken in Scone, Perth 1915-1926 William Wandless (b.1894), s/o William Wandless & Mary Eleanor Horner, West Yorkshire, England William Wanless & Nancy Wilson, Pocahontas County, West Virginia, ca 1865 William Wanless (1829-1915), Simcoe Co, Ontario, Canada William Wanless (1844-1901) of Bishop Middleham, Durham, and Sangamon County, Illinois
Willis McKendree 'Kenna' Wanless (1872-1950), probably in Upshur Co, West Virginia Winston Wanliss, Leeds, St. Elizabeth parish, Jamaica Woodside Farm, Roxburghshire, Scotland