Index of Family Trees at Wanless Web

1: Ralph(?) & Margaret Wandless or Wanless 4775
Description:These are the descendants of Margaret Wanless/Wandless, a widow who brought her 4 teenage children from Newcastle, Northumberland, England to Augusta County, Virginia in late 1772 or early 1773. Margaret's son Ralph Wanless (b. Newcastle, 1756) moved slightly west to what became Pocahontas County, West Virginia. His descendants all use the "Wanless" spelling. His brother Stephen stayed in Bath County, VA and his descendants all use the "Wandless" spelling. Several of Ralph's sons, including my line, migrated from Pocahontas County to Iowa in 1856 and then to Oregon in 1872. Nearly all Wanlesses & Wandlesses in Virginia, West Virginia, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, and some in Minnesota today are descendants of Margaret.
2: George Wanless & Bessie Cairns of Auchope Farm, Yetholm Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland 4292
Description:This database encompasses the descendants of George Wanless & Bessie Cairns/Carnes of Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Descendants emigrated to :
--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1818)
--Wood/Ritchie County, West Virginia (1820s), with later migration to Columbiana/Carroll cos, Ohio, and then Richland co, Wisconsin
--Ontario, Canada (1840s)
--Alwinton, Northumberland, England
plus some descendants stayed in the Yetholm area.
3: George Wanless & Mercime Riddell of Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland 1125
Description:George Wanless (b. early 1730s) is probably related to the Wanless family of Auchope farm in Tree #2. Their tombstones are close together in the Yetholm Kirkyard. This tree includes the following subtrees & migrations:
-- John Wanless & Nellie Willis (Canada and USA)
-- Thomas Wanless & Elizabeth Jones (Argenteuil, QUE)
-- Lt. Col. John Wanless & Maria Gates (Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico)
-- Archibald Wanless (Charleston, South Carolina)
-- Captain John Andrew Wanless (Kansas/Oklahoma/Missouri)
-- John Wanless & Isabella Ewen (Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, & Edinburgh Scotland; Leeds, Yorkshire; Salt Lake City, Utah; Montreal, Canada; Australia).
4: Luke Wanlass & Ann Jackson of Alston, Cumberland, England 394
Description:Luke Wanlass (abt 1743-1797) married Ann Jackson in Alston, Cumberland; this database primarily concerns the following children of Luke & Ann: Ralph (1781-abt 1825), a shipwright, merchant, and lead miner in Alston, whose grandson Ralph (1845-1926) emigrated from England to Clinton, Iowa about 1883; and Jackson (1789-1859) who was a lead miner in Alston. Four of Jackson's children (Ann, William, Jackson, Ellen) were early Mormon converts who emigrated to Ray Co, Missouri, USA in the early 1850s, and then to Utah, with most of them settling in the Lehi area (Ann & Ellen went first to Canada). The original Luke may or may not be the son of Luke Wanlass & Barbara Dumble; we are seeking evidence to corroborate or refute this theory.
5: George Wanless & Elizabeth Bateman 335
Description:This database focuses on the descendants of Thomas Wanless (son of George Wanless & Elizabeth Bateman, married 1771 in Alston, CUL) and his wife Alice Turnbull. Primary locations are Alston, Cumberland and around Newcastle, Northumberland, from the late 1700s forward. George is suspected to be a son of John & Elizabeth (Newton) Wanless of Chester le Street, Durham.
5.1: Bateman Wanless & (1) Eleanor Brown (2) Margaret Smith 205
Description:Bateman Wanless, b. abt 1781 at Witton, Durham, married Margaret Smith (his 2nd wife) at Wallsend in 1824. They & their descendants lived primarily in the East Rainton, DUR area, with locations including Moorsley, Thornley, and Ryhope, plus a later move to St Helens, Lancashire. Bateman, given his name, is almost certainly a son of George Wanless & Elizabeth Bateman in Database 5, but no baptism record or other proof has been found for this theory.
5.2: Thomas Wandless & Isabella Robson 76
Description:This database documents the family of Thomas Wandless b. abt 1813 in Wallsend, NBL (possible son of Thomas Wanless & Alice Turnbull) and his wife Isabella Robson (married in 1835 at Longbenton) of the Tynemouth/Earsdon/Hartley area of Northumberland, England.
5.3: John Wanless & Jane (Rodison/Rogerson) Simpson 67
Description:John Wanless married Jane Rodison or Rogerson (who was first married to Thomas Simpson) in 1806 in Newcastle, Northumberland. They & their descendants lived primarily in Wallsend. It is highly likely that John is the son of George Wanless & Elizabeth Bateman, as he was born in Alston, Cumberland in the right timeframe (abt 1769), and George & Elizabeth also moved to Wallsend.
6: Wandless: Whitehaven, Cumberland, England to New Brunswick, Canada 314
Description:Alicia Frazer married a Mr. Wandless (first name unknown) about 1803 and had several children in the Whitehaven, Cumberland, England area (or possibly elsewhere in England). Mr. Wandless died in a coal mine accident in 1810 and Alicia moved the family to Newry, County Down, Ireland, where she died in 1832. Of their children: Henry moved to New Brunswick, Canada in 1833, John joined the military in Newry and ended up in Kingston, Frontenac Co, Ontario, Canada; William joined the military in Newry and was discharged at Chatham, England in 1843 (we are pursuing a possible Australian connection for his descendants); James was supposedly also a British Army Officer who died in India, but we have nothing factual on him yet.
7: Wanless: Durham, England to Nova Scotia, Canada to Sangamon Co, Illinois 432
Description:William (b.1844, son of William Wanless & Isabella Bell) & Elizabeth (Brown) Wanless came from the Gateshead area of Durham, England to Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1865/1866 and then to Sangamon County, Illinois between 1869 and 1871, pursuing the coal mining industry. They raised a large family, with many descendants still living in the Springfield area today. This database also covers Wm's parents & presumed siblings in England in the mid-1800s.
8: Percival Wanlis & Grace Tomson 827
Description:This Wanless family of coal miners originates around Chester Le Street, Durham, England in the early 1600s and documents the descendants of Robert Wanless & Alice Mould (md. 1811) and their sons Robert, William, and Mark. Primary county Durham locations are Houghton Le Spring, Mount, Washington, Chilton, Shildon, and Lamesley. Robert married Ann Spedding & then Jane Laws and lived in Durham and around Whitehaven, Cumberland. Mark spent his relatively short life in the Colliery Row, DUR area. William emigrated in 1865 to the US, to Indiana by 1873, and by 1889 to Providence, Webster co., Kentucky. His descendants were in Clay/Knox/Warrick counties (Indiana), Webster co (Kentucky), and Saline co, Illinois. This tree also now includes descendants of Robert Wandlass & Mary Parkin (married in 1788 in Lamesley). This coal-mining family lived around in Co. Durham around Edmondsley, Lamesley, Shadworth, West Rainton, & Washington, and some descendants eventually went to New Zealand. This tree also includes descendants of Luke Wandlass & Ann Hall (married in 1800 in Lamesley).
9: Thomas Wanless & Jane Manners Cook 154
Description:Thomas Wanless, b. abt 1777/78 in Fairhill, Alston, Cumberland to John & Ann (possibly Bails) Wanless, married Jane Manners (called Jane Cook at the time, due to her first marriage) in 1809 in All Saints, Newcastle, Northumberland. Their descendants settled in Northumberland around Cramlington, Earsdon, Preston, and North Shields. Their son Joseph WANLESS (abt 1820-1907) first married Eleanor OLIVER in 1843 and had several children in the Newcastle area of Northumberland, England. He next married Elizabeth (CLINT) PYE.
10: James/George Wanless & Elizabeth McInroy/McIlroy 67
Description:George Wanless was born about 1857 in Lochee, Dundee, Angus, Scotland to James or George Wanless and Elizabeth/Eliza McInroy or McIlroy (the records vary on their names). This database follows the descendants of George & his wife Maggie Duncan (married 1882 at Anderston, Glasgow).
11: John Wanless & Mary Good(?) 39
Description:This line starts in Alford, Lincs. and moves to St. Giles Cripplegate, London, with the marriage of John Wanless & Mary Good in 1789. It seems highly likely that this couple is the same John & Mary Wanless who then have 4 children in St. Giles Cripplegate from 1790 to 1799. This database primarily follows the descendants of John's son Joshua Paul Wanless (1790-1877) in London and around Birmingham.
12: James Wanlass & Margaret Neilson 237
Description:James Wanlass (1825-1895) of Midlothian, Scotland, married Margaret Neilson of East Lothian, Scotland in 1845. Most of their family immigrated in 3 groups to Salt Lake City, Utah in the mid 1870s. Family lore from several sources says James's mother died in an accident when he was young and he was raised first in an orphanage and then by a family called Ramsey. James's parentage is uncertain.
14: Robert Wanless & Elizabeth Watson of Collace, Perth 35
Description:Robert Wanless married Elizabeth Watson in Collace, Perth, Scotland in 1809. This database follows the descendants of their son Robert (1809-1869) & his wife Isabel Nairne, around Collace, Perth and later Edinburgh.
15: Richard Wanless & Ellen Slater 84
Description:This line starts with Richard Wanless, an apparently illegitimate child born to Hannah Wanlass in 1819 in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. In 1840, Richard married Ellen Slater, apparently a widow, and lived around Oulston, North YKS and later East Thickley & Great Lumley in Co. Durham. This tree covers what we know of their descendants. There are many holes to be filled in this tree!
16: John Wanless & Isabella Howe 193
Description:John Wanless (b. 1792-1796) married Isabella Howe in 1817 in Brancepeth, Durham, England. Of their children: Thomas b. 1819 married Margaret Lazenby & lived around Darlington & Gateshead; William b. abt 1825 married Jane Wright and was a coal miner around Leadgate, Trimdon Grange, Cornforth, Quarrington, Newton Cap, Kelloe, Tow Law, and Wolsingham (William's grandson John b. 1896 married Ellen Davison & immigrated to Australia in 1922); Robert b. abt 1829 immigrated to Braidwood, Will Co, Illinois, USA by mid-1870 and married Mary Ann Swansbrough there; Jane b. abt 1833 married Edward Nicholson and immigrated to Braidwood,Will Co, Illinois about 1871.
18: William Wanless and (1) Ursula English (2) Isabella Kilpatrick 204
Description:This database contains descendants of William Wanless (1800-1884) and his wives (1) Ursula English and (2) Isabella Kilpatrick. Although William was born in Hawick, Scotland, the earliest several generations in this tree lived in Haltwhistle, NBL, England.
19: William Wanless & Ann Smith 97
Description:William Wanless (b. abt 1825) married Ann Smith in 1846 and they lived in the city of Durham, England. This tree documents some of their descendants. Several of their children have the middle name of "Cathron", suggesting it was a family name on William or Ann's side.
20: Robert Wandless & Mary Bastow 204
Description:Robert Wandless (1800-1880) was born in Black Fell, Washington parish, Co. Durham, to unknown parents. His father may be named George. He married. Mary Bastow in 1834 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and in 1864, married Mary Cook at Tanfield, Durham. This database covers his known descendants and ranges from the Leeds, YKS area to the Chilton area of County Durham.
21: William Wanless & Mary Young of Rock, Embleton, Northumberland 80
Description:This tree is a combination of research done by Ian Wanless of Australia (who we have actually not been in contact with; a printed copy of the tree was passed to us) and census research by Holly & Claire. William and all of his adult children moved to Victoria, Australia in the mid-1850s. We would welcome contact from Ian or his descendants, or any other branch of this tree.
22: James Wanless Dundee, Scotland & Varna, Ontario, Canada 206
Description:James Wanless (1750/60-1822) married first Jean Dow and then Agnes Sime. He was a linen and/or woollen manufacturer in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. His son James Wanless (1811-1889), born in Dundee, had 2 children in Scotland by his first wife Margaret Baxter and 7 children in Scotland and Canada by his 2nd wife Margaret Halket. James & his mother Agnes & his 2nd wife Margaret immigrated with their older children to Canada in 1842 and lived around Varna, Ontario. Some of their descendants ended up in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.
23: Thomas Wanless & Elizabeth Simm 97
Description:Thomas Wanless married Elizabeth Simm in 1853, Gateshead, Durham. Their son William was born in 1854 at West Moor, Killingworth, Longbenton, Northumberland, and he married Margery Robinson in 1873. This tree follows what is known about their descendants: Thomas's parentage is the mystery - on his marriage record, he lists his father as "Joseph a joiner" - the best match is Thomas the son of Joseph Wanless & Isabella Reay, who lived in Longbenton at the right time, in Ken & Colin's database, but that Joseph was always listed as a coal miner in the censuses, so the "joiner" reference throws us off, as a joiner was a skilled trade - although there is an obscure reference that, in the coal mine, a joiner might be a person who repaired wooden tracks for the coal carts. Needs more research.
24: John Wanless & Elizabeth Turner 293
Description:John Wanless, b. abt 1802 near Bamburgh, Northumberland, England, married Elizabeth Turner in the early 1820s. They lived for over 40 years in Newbottle, Durham, where John was a blacksmith. This database primarily documents descendants of their sons George Wanless (a coal miner who lived for over 30 years near Seaham Colliery, Durham with his wife Jane Ann Hunter), and James Wanless (who lived at Newbottle with his wife Margaret Blackhall).
25: Wanless gardeners of the Norton-Sedgefield area, Co. Durham, England 502
Description:This line starts with Thomas Wanless (1721-1801), a gardener, & his wife Mary Magnell, of Framwellgate, Durham. Their son Joseph (1760s-1847) rented Blakiston Hall in Norton, Durham about 1830, where, for 3 generations and 70+ years, the Wanless family carried on a market garden business. Joseph's first son James was a gardener at Gainford. Other family locations include Sedgefield and Darlington in Co. Durham, Colchester, Essex and Middlesbrough, YKS, and Joseph Wanless & Dorothy Winship emigrated to Michigan, USA about 1880.
26: George Wanless & Isabella Kay 318
Description:George Wanless & Isabella Kay began married life in Wooler, Northumberland about 1819 and moved to Montreal, Quebec in the early 1830s, where George, by trade a shoemaker, was a gunner in the Royal Artillery until a thumb injury forced his military retirement in 1839, after which he moved his family to Beauharnois Co, Quebec. Their children:
  • Thomas Kay Wanless, b. 1820 in Wooler, lived as an adult first in Norton Creek, Beauharnois co, QUE and then migrated around 1860 to Chatham, Ontario.
  • Isabell, born in Barbados in 1822, who married John Johnston and lived in Pittsburgh Twp near Kingston, Frontenac co, and later in Napanee, Lennox Co, Ontario.
  • George, b. 1833 in Montreal, migrated before 1861 to Chatham, Ontario, and then in 1865 to Bay City, Bay Co, Michigan, USA.
  • William (b. 1835 in Montreal) migrated about 1851 to Port Huron, St. Clair Co, Michigan, USA.
  • John (b. abt 1838 in Canada) who fought in the Civil War out of Oakland Co, Michigan and ended up in Bay City, Michigan from about 1880 until his death there in 1902.
  • James (b. abt 1839 in Ontario) lived first in the Williamstown area of Quebec and then migrated to Chatham, Ontario in the mid-1860s
27: Scottish Church Records 644
Description:All Wan* names extracted from the LDS's Scottish Church Records (computer file) and Old Parochial Registers (fiche) indexes for all of Scotland and the Surname Indexes to Marriages and Christenings for selected counties. The LDS estimates that about 60% of Scotland's population from 1500 to 1855 is represented in these indexes. This database contains over 800 people and over 200 marriages, arranged into small family trees and supplemented by some census entries and vital records.
27.1: Wanless of Dundee, Angus, Scotland 412
Description:This database contains between just over 50 small groups of Wanlesses who were born or married in Dundee, Angus, Scotland in the 1600s through early 1900s. Our goal is to connect them into a few primary lines (or better yet, one line!). This database was constructed by extracting all the Dundee records from the Scottish Church Records database and adding birth & marriage records from parish records in the "Romeril film" and census records.
28: James Wanless & Christina Parkinson of Edinburgh, Scotland 147
Description:James Wanless, a baker, (b. est 1820s) married Christina Parkinson in 1847 in Edinburgh and had several children. Their son William (b.1854-55), a glazier & house painter, married (1) Mary Nicol, (2) Isabella Randell, and (3) Elizabeth McCullock and produced a total of 18 known children, whose descendants continue to populate Edinburgh today. Efforts are being made to identify all of the children of James & Christina and their immediate family.
29: Wandlass families originating around Hartburn, Northumberland, England 1088
Description:This database contains family lines originating in the Hartburn area of Northumberland. There are intermarriages between at least 2 lines of Wandlass/Wanlace/Wanless families, plus a few families whose relationship to the whole isn't yet known. It includes the lines of:
  • Robert Wanless & Margaret Deemster or Isabel Snawdon of Hepple, Rothbury (married in the 1660s). Descendants lived primarily around Rothbury, Hartburn, Netherwitton, Kirkharle, Birtley, Great Bavington, and Heddon-on-the-Wall. This includes the line of Stephen Wanless & Jane Bolam (md. 1828, Birtley, NBL).
  • George & Ann Wandlass who married before 1684. Their descendants are concentrated in the Hartburn area, with later heavy representation around Tone & Chollerton in Northumberland. this includes the line of John Wandlass who married Jane Brown in 1790 and lived at Monkwearmouth and Southwick in Co. Durham.
  • children of Thomas Wanless & Eleanor Williamson emigrated to the USA, with the family of John Wandlass (b. 1847) settling in Girardville, Schuylkill co, Pennsylvania about 1864 and his sister Eleanor settling in Utah and then Montana.
  • several children of Mark Wanlace & Jane Craigie/Cragild emigrated to Australia in the 1850s.
  • several small family groups for whom we don't have larger relationships.

Parish notes: Netherwitton was a chapelry annexed to Hartburn parish. Ritton was in Netherwitton, so is referred to in some places as being part of Hartburn. Hawick was in Kirkharle parish until 1847 when it was transferred to Kirkwhelpington.

Some of the early relationships are speculative and are marked as such and contain notes about the theory and logic -- we welcome any proof OR refutation of our theories!

30: James Wanlass & Isabella Mercer/Messer 154
Description:James Wanlass (b. abt 1808, Aberargie, Perth, Scotland) married Isabella Mercer or Messer in 1835 in Auchtermuchty, Fife. This database concerns mainly the descendants of their two younger sons: James Wanless, who married Mary Ann Campbell in 1864 and had 14 children in the Perth area, and William Miller Wanless, who married Isabella Cuthbert in 1875 and had 5 children, of which some remained around Scone, Perth and some moved to Alberta, Canada. Part of this database was provided by Rick Laing's wife's family history, and most of it was extracted from parish registers and census records.
31: Ralph Wanless of Kirk Merrington, Co. Durham 471
Description:Ralph Wanless (b. early 1700s) of Middlestone, Kirk Merrington, had a son named Ralph b. 1737 who married Ann Gray in 1762 and had children in Kirk Merrington. This database contains the lines of Ralph & Ann's sons Edward (wife Hannah Harpley, of Grindon & Stockton); Ralph (wife Elizabeth Simpson, Chester le Street & Durham city); George Wanless (wife Jane Tyrens, lived Sunderland area); Robert (wife Ann Lonsdale, Ferryhill); and Henry (wife Catherine Donkin, Gateshead). Some descendants of Edward emigrated to Australia. We speculate the first Ralph is connected to the Wanless family of Lumley.
32: Wandless of Barnard Castle, Co. Durham 191
Description:This line starts (we think) with John Wandless (d. 1740) and Elizabeth Douthwaite. They married at Barnard Castle, Durham, in 1696, and their children were all born there, as are most of the descendants in this database.
33: Thomas Wanlass & Isabella Pearson of Alston, Cumberland & Newcastle, NBL 145
Description: Thomas Wanless (b. abt 1799, North Shields, Northumberland, England), a miner, married Isabella Pearson in 1820 at Alston, Cumberland. They lived there until the mid-1830s, when they moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where Thomas became a glass silverer & plater. Of their children, this database follows primarily the descendants of (1) their son Hugh Wanless (1828-1901), who emigrated to Kentucky, USA in 1850 and raised a family in Louisville, and (2) Hugh's twin brother Joseph (1828-1911), who emigrated to Tennessee in 1856 and moved to Minnesota before settling in La Crosse county, Wisconsin by 1880; some of his descendants use the Wanlass spelling and others use Wanless.
34: James Wanless & Isabella Willis 152
Description:James Wanless (b. abt 1783 in High Buston, NBL) married Isabella Willis of Newham & they had their first known child in Fleatham in 1807. This database follows some of their descendants who lived in Northumberland around Fleatham, Newham, Beadnell, Lucker, Alnwick, Belford, and Warenford.
35: Robert Wanlass & other Wanlesses of Lumley & Ouston, Durham 300
Description:This tree covers the family of Robert Wanless (d. 1763) of Lumley, Chester-le-Street, Durham. Most of this family stayed in that area, but one branch peeled off to Wiltshire for nearly 20 years before returning to Lumley around 1831. This database also contains several other small Wanless families who lived in Lumley and who are probably connected. There is almost certainly a connection to tree 8, but we don't know what yet.
36: Thomas & Elizabeth Wanless of Longhorsley, Northumberland 67
Description:Thomas Wanless (b. abt 1788) and his wife Elizabeth lived most of their adult lives at Blackpool, Longhorsley, Northumberland, England. Thomas's parents may be Thomas Wanless & Jane Hall; research is being done to prove or disprove that connection. This tree primarily documents the descendants of Thomas & Elizabeth's son Thomas Wanless (1821-1897) & his wife Ursula Moore.
37: John Wanless & Eleanor Trotter 216
Description: John Wanless (abt 1777-1819) & his wife Eleanor Trotter lived most of their adult lives at Raby Park, Staindrop parish, Durham, England. Primary locations for their children are Staindrop, Gainford, and surrounding areas.
38: Thomas Wanless & Isabella Ferguson 90
Description: Thomas Wanless (b. abt 1756-1761) married Isabella Ferguson in 1803 in Lesbury, Northumberland, England. They had 2 known children: Isabella b. 1803 at Lesbury and John b. abt 1821 at Alnmouth. Isabella married George Donkin / Duncan and lived in Morpeth. John married Charlotte Turner and this database mostly follows their descendants in Amble, Morpeth, Willington Quay, and Essex. We would like to locate more children for Thomas & Isabella between 1809 and 1821 in the Lesbury / Alnmouth area. We suspect this line may link up with several families in the Amble / Warkworth area.
39: Thomas Wanless & Jane Embleton 77
Description:Thomas Wanless & Jane Embleton married in 1791 in Chester-le-Street, Durham, England. They lived most of the life around Hebburn Colliery, Jarrow, and Heworth in Co. Durham. This tree mostly follows the family of their son William Embleton Wanless (b. abt 1800).
40: Thomas Wandlass & Elizabeth Pearson 36
Description:Thomas Wanless (b. est 1700) married Elizabeth Pearson in 1725 in Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England. Their children were all born there, as were the children of their son Robert (b. 1730) and his wife Elizabeth (unknown).
41: William Wandless & Elizabeth Smurfitt/Smurthwaite 520
Description:William married Elizabeth Smurfitt or Smurthwaite in 1800 in Houghton le Spring, Durham. As of 18 Jan 2003, former database 33 (Wm & Elizabeth of Grindon) and the branch of George in St. Louis Missouri from database 100 were merged into this tree. This database follows their sons John (married Jane Wiseman, stayed in Bishopwearmouth area), George (married Mary Errington, moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1846), James (married Isabella Wheatley, was a customs officer at South Shields), and Robert (married Elizabeth Lawsen, moved to Missouri in 1854 and Illinois in 1860).
42: William Wanless & Euphan/Euphemia Boyd of Dundee 206
Description:William Wanless, a shoemaker, (s/o James), married Euphan or Euphemia Boyd in 1776 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Their eldest son David married Agnes Finlay in 1810. David & Agnes moved to South Leith, Edinburgh by about 1813 and David died by 1833. Their 2 sons Neil and Peter were seaman, and many of their descendants were fisherman or mariners. Neil & his wife Barbara Liston's 4 children were born in South Leith; Neil later moved his children to Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England and their son Neil (b. 1850) immigrated to Australia by 1886. Peter & his wife Elizabeth Wishart Barclay's children were born in Cockenzie, Tranent, Haddington, where Elizabeth died in 1866 shortly after the last child's birth. Most of their known children ended up in Edinburgh by the 1890s. This tree also contains some information on the other children of William Wanless & Euphan/Euphemia Boyd of Dundee.
43: John Wanless & Anne Miller 175
Description:This database follows a portion of the family of John Wanless (believed to be a son of John Wanless and Susannah Johnson) and his wife Anne Miller, primarily through their sons John (b. 1806) and Richard (b.1812). John (first wife unknown, 2nd wife Elizabeth Easton) was a tailor in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, living at the end of his life in Elswick. John's son John (b. 1832) married Helen/Ellen Gibbon(s) and moved his family to Co. Durham in the late 1850s, living first around East Rainton and finally settling about 1865 in Eighton Banks, Lamesley. Richard (wife Mary Kirk) was a moulder in Newcastle. His only surviving son John (wife Elizabeth Marshall) moved to Westoe, South Shields, Durham & many descendants remained in that area.
44: George Wanless & Isabella Young 43
Description:George Wanless was b. abt 1802 in Shildon, Durham (probably the son of John Wanlass & Jane Beatson). He married Isabella Young in 1830 in Chester le Street and they lived for the next 50+ years in or around Portobello, Harraton, Durham. Their children also generally stayed in the Harraton area for another 50+ years. Much of this database is tentative & based on circumstantial evidence; various birth and marriage certificates are needed to prove the connections.
45: James Wanless & Helen Skeen 217
Description:James Wanless & Helen Skeen(e) married in 1773 in Meigle, Perth, Scotland. Some of their children moved to Dundee and others to Edinburgh. Their son John married Agnes Litster in 1807 and they lived at Cupar and Kemback in Fife. This database primarily follows the descendants of John's sons John (wife Ann Adams) and Robert (wife Margaret Thomson Dick), who both lived in Edinburgh for most of their lives. John Sr. & his sons John & Robert were all gardeners for a living. This file also contains other Meigle, Perth families who are probably related.
46: John Wanless & Eleanor Fenwick 96
Description:John Wanlass married Eleanor Fenwick in 1794 in Wallsend, Northumberland, England. This database follows the descendants of their 2 sons: Thomas chr. 1799 at Heworth, DUR was a blacksmith who married (1) Margaret Halliwell and (2) Margaret Roxby. He lived in Heaton and Longbenton, and died when he was only 37 years old. John b. 1801 in Longbenton worked as a coal trimmer and colliery wagon driver in Heaton and later Longbenton. He married (1) Mary Ann Roxby, sister of Margaret above, and (2) Hannah (Steel) Grant, a widow. He died in Longbenton in 1875.
47: George Wanless & Ephrates/Uphin Grant 107
Description:George Wanless married Ephrates (aka Uphin) Grant in 1784 at Earsdon, Northumberland. His presumed sister Isabella married James Raffy 2 weeks earlier at the same place, and their spouses witnessed each others' marriages, which is why we think they're siblings. This tree primarily follows the descendants of George's son Alexander Wandless, b. 1786 at Hartley, Earsdon, and his wife Mary Muncaster.
49: David Wanliss & Janet Moon 213
Description:David Wan(d)liss married Janet Moon in 1784 in Kilspindie, Perth, Scotland. This database follows the descendants of their son John, who married Janet Drummond in 1827 at Longforgan, Perth. Theis family lived in or around the outskirts of the city of Perth for 50+ years. Some of their descendants moved to Edinburgh, and some migrated to Australia.
50: William Wanless & Ann English 34
Description:William Wanless married Ann English in Chester le Street, Durham in 1817. He started out as a coalminer, but shortly became a gardener. They had 2 sons, then moved to Bishopwearmouth and had 2 more sons. William died in 1825 around the time their last son was born. A year later, Ann remarried to Thomas Smith and had more children; they moved to Iveston by 1851. Their descendants lived in Bishopwearmouth and Darlington.
51: William Wanless & Dinah Fishwick 35
Description:Married in 1766 in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, their descendants were found in Ayton & Stokesley, and in Stockton, Durham. Origin of William is unknown.
52: John Wanless & Ann Hartley/Harpler 111
Description:John Wanless (born est 1760-1763) was born in Kirk Merrington, Durham, and was a labourer and later a butcher. He married Ann Hartley or Harpler in 1803 and moved from Darlington to Sunderland around 1815. Some of his children were christened at Darlington, but some who claim to be born there were not christened at St. Cuthbert's, making them a bit of a mystery. This tree now contains the line of John Wanless b. 1805 Darlington, a mariner who married Mary Ann Frances Haggerston in Stockton in 1828.
53: Joseph Wanlace & Jane Oxley Pinder 30
Description:Joseph Wanlace was probably born at Wallington, Hartburn, Northumberland abt 1782. He married Jane Oxley (widow Pinder) in 1805 and they lived in North Shields, NBL. He was a mariner and she ran a tavern.
54: James Wanless & Jean Whyte / William Wanless & Anne Johnstone 180
Description:James Wanless, a weaver & coal dealer, married Jean Whyte in 1807 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. William Wanless, a weaver, married Anne Johnstone in 1793 in Dundee. These 2 family lines converge with the 1900 marriage of Alexander Tulloch Wanless & Alice Sturrock Wanless - the relationship between the 2 is unknown so far. Most of this family stayed around Dundee, but some went to South Africa.
100: Small Groups of Wan(d)lesses Worldwide 2308
Description:This database contains Wan(d)lesses all over the world who are not yet known to tie into any of the other databases.