William Wandless of Kilmore, Cavan, Ireland: 1843 Discharge Papers (8 pages)

Discharge papers of Private William Wandless b. abt 1806 in Kilmore, Cavan, Ireland; enlisted ate age 16 in the British Army, 10th Foot Regiment commanded by Sir Thomas Maitland, in Newry, Ireland in 1822; served 15 mos in Portugal, 10 yrs in the Ionian Islands, and the remainder at home, for a total of 18 yrs 354 days discharged at Chatham, Kent, England. He has had chronic hepatitis for 7 yrs and is no longer fit for service. His character and conduct have been good. Discharged 28 Jul 1843 at age 39. He is 5 ft 6.5 inches tall, black hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion, by trade a labourer. Includes his signature on the recruitment papers.

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