Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams

Male Abt 1730 - 1788  (~ 58 years)

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  • Name Thomas Adams 
    Born Abt 1730  New Kent Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1788  Deerfield, Augusta Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From "Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress":
      ADAMS, Thomas, a Delegate from Virginia; born in New Kent County, Va., in 1730; attended the common schools; clerk of Henrico County; journeyed to England in 1762 and attended to his extensive business interests there until 1774; returned before the Revolutionary War; member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and signed the Articles of Association May 27, 1774; chairman of the New Kent County Committee of Safety in 1774; Member of the Continental Congress in 1778 and 1779; a signer of the Articles of Confederation; moved to Augusta County, Va., in 1780; member of the State senate 1783-1786; died on his estate, “Cowpasture,” in Augusta County, Va., in August 1788. "

      1749 July 5: Witnessed a marriage with Bowler Cocke Jr. at John Pleasants' house in Henrico Co. [Valentine Papers]

      1753 Mar 22 [may be a different Thomas] Thomas Adams of Frederick Co bought 316 acres from Lord Fairfax "the proprietor of the northern neck of VA", on the Naked Barrens adj. Stephen Harlan (or Marton) and William Paul's land. [Northern Neck Grants H, p.267; NNGrants - Abbot - card 78]

      October 3, 1755: Ad in Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg newspaper:
      New-Kent County, September 25, 1755. RAN away from the subscriber, about the Beginning of August last past, a young Virginia-born Negroe Fellow, named Dick, about 20 Years of Age, well-made, though somewhat slim and tall, and of a thin Visage; he took with him a new Oznabrig Shirt, and Cotton Wastecoat and Breeches; and stole a dark Bay Horse from Mr. Thomas Adams, in Henrico, branded on one of his Shoulders; and I hear he has committed several Robberies in Goochland County. Whoever apprehends and delivers him to me, or will cause him to be brought to Justice, shall receive Two Pistoles Reward.
      Richard Adams. N.B. The said Slave has been Outlaw'd.

      Was in England in 1760s, taking care of business.

      LAND: Abstracts of Land Grant Surveys 1761-1791; Kaylor; (Augusta Co.) (repeated below, but dates differ for some reason; maybe these earlier dates are the survey dates)
      1766 1 Nov: 340 acres, Warm Springs Valley, adj. Lewis (Bk.O-1,p.52)
      1767 25 Mar: 235 acres, Calfpasture River, adj. Wm. Kinkade
      1767 27 Mar: 190 acres, Calfpasture River
      1774 15 Jul: 545 acres, Calfpasture River, adj. Robert Gay, Wm. Campbell, Wm. Lockridge Andrew Lewis, 45 acres, Hot Springs, adj. Thos. Adams

      1766 Aug 22: John Carlile and Mary ( ) to Thomas Adams, of the County of New Kent, £117.10, on both sides of Great River of Calfpasture, 200 acres, purchased by John of ---- Gilliam. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772. [Deed Bk 13, p.54 - Chalkley, vol 3, p.444] -- p. 489 (Deed Bk 15, p.531) says it was Thomas Gilham

      1767: Mentioned in list of military men. [VA Colonial Records Project at LVA online, survey 8780]

      Land grants & patents from Lib. of VA Electronic Card Index (viewed actual deeds):
      1767 Sept 10: 340 acres adjoining the Hot Spring Survey and Lewis's land. [Patents No.37, 1767-68, p.130; LVA index-Sam Adams-card 16]
      --the town of Hot Springs is at least 20 miles southwest of Deerfield. Not sure if that's where this land is.

      1769 Apr 6: 190 acres on both sides of Bratton's Run, a branch of the Calf Pasture River; bought for 20 shillings. No names mentioned in the bounds. [Patents No.38, 1768-70, p.562-563; LVA index-Sam Adams-card 17 (card points to p.561; just go to 562]
      --this appears to now be in Rockbridge Co, just over the border from Bath, unless there is another Brattons Run. This is at least 20 miles south of Deerfield.

      1769 Apr 6: 235 acres on both sides of a branch of the Calf Pasture River. Bought for 25 shillings. Bounds include "beginning on the north side of said branch about half a mile above the land of William Kinkade". [Patents No.38, 1768-70, p.570-571 (most on 571); LVA index-Sam Adams-card 18]
      --sold to Moore Fauntleroy in 1780

      1770 Dec 9: John Carlile. of the Calfpasture, to Thomas Adams, gent., of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, £100, 250 acres purchased by John from John Campbell, on Great Calfpasture. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772. [Deed Bk 17, p.138 - Chalkley, vol 3, p.507]

      1774 April 30: Robert Graham's estate appraised by Robert Bratton, William Lockridge, James Bratton--To money due by Wm. Anderson, overseer for Thos. Adams. [Will Bk 5, p.241 - Chalkley vol 3, p.135]

      1775: Thomas Adams of Blair Park, Albemarle Co, married Elizabeth "Betty" Cocke, dau. of Col. Wm. Fauntleroy and widow of Bowler Cocke. [Cockes & Cousins vol 1 p.15] -- I don't know whether there is an actual record for this, or whether the author is just guessing at the date.

      May 18, 1776 (repeated 24 May). : Ad in Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) newspaper, Williamsburg ,
      RUN away, on Tuesday the 19th Instant, three Virginia born Negro Men Slaves, the Property of Col. John Fry's Estate, viz. HARRY, about 5 Feet 8 Inches high, well made, yellow Complexion, has a Scar on his Face, is a sensible artful Fellow, and about 30 Years old. YORK, about 5 Feet 10 Inches high, a stout, likely, well made Fellow, black Complexion, one of his Legs smaller than the other, has a Scar on one of his Arms, occasioned by a Burn, and about 26 Years old. ADAM, about 5 Feet 7 Inches high, yellow Complexion, thin visaged, bushy Hair, and about 40 Years old. It is impossible to describe the Clothes they carried with them, having different Kinds. Whoever will deliver the above mentioned Slaves to Mr. Richard Adams, in Richmond Town, Mr. Thomas Adams, in New Kent, Mr. Henry Fry, in Culpeper, or to the Subscriber in Buckingham, shall be paid 40 s. for each of them.

      1777 June 21: Thomas and Elizabeth Adams were testes to settlement of estate of Samuel Hodge of Calfpasture. [Deed Bk 27, p.123 - Chalkley vol 3, p.592]

      Moved from Henrico Co to Augusta Co about 1779. [Brent Tarter article] -- I think they were there by 1777, per the testeship above.

      1778: Represented VA in Congress, along with Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, John Hervie, John Bannister, Cyrus Griffin, Meriweather Smith. Undated, but mentions furnishing regiments for the Continental Army. Filed with papers dated 1781. [VA Colonial Records project online at LVA, survey (F)-126 7020; also in survey 8475, where it says "members for 1778", from the Nat'l Maritime Museum, paper of Capt. Thomas Lewes, class Lew/3]

      From Chalkley, vol I, all in Augusta Co:
      1778 April: Recommended but not qualified to New Commission of the Peace.
      1778 Aug: Recommended for Colonel of 2nd Battalion of Militia.
      1778 Oct 20: Recommended but not qualified for New Commission of the Peace.
      1778 Mar 24: Listed as a Justice of the Peace.
      1779 Nov: Summoned to next March Court to defend why he will not swear into Commission of Peace.
      1780 March: Qualified as Justice.

      10th May, 1783, Robert Bratton's will--To wife, Anne Bratton; to son, James, the land James lives on; to son, George, tract on Jackson River, 240 acres; to son, John, tract on branches of the Little River, 700 acres; to son-in-law, Wm. Givens, and Agnes, his wife; to son, John, in trust, £200 for support of unfortunate daughter Mary; to 4 children, Adam, George, John, and Agnes (Givens); to son, Adam, home plantation, executor. Thomas Adams to be overseer. Teste: Joseph Fauntleroy, Will. R. Fleming, Jno. Dunlap, William Given, Jno. Poage, Wm. Given. Proved, 18th October, 1785, by Poage and Dunlap. Executor qualifies. [Chalkley, vol 3]

      Recommended but not qualified for Peace Commission in May 1785; was a Senator in 1784; (Chalkley, vol.1)

      LAND GRANTS & patents from Lib. of VA Electronic Card Index (viewed actual deeds):

      1780 Jan 12: 545 acres west side of Calf Pasture River, including a tract of 110 acres first granted to Robert McKittrick by patent of 12 May 1759 and conveyed through several conveyances to said Adams, plus 435 acres never patented. Adj. Robert Gay's and "formerly William Campbell's" and William "Loghrds" [Lockridge] land. Cost: 55 shillings. By Thomas Jefferson, governor of VA. [Patents A, 1779-80, p.224-225; LVA index-Sam Adams-card]

      1780: Sold to Moore Fauntleroy 235 acres on the Great Calfpasture River "for diverse good causes and considerations, especially 5 shillings". This land was originally patented in 1769. Moore could be the brother, uncle, or cousin of Thomas' wife; there were many Moores in the Fauntleroy family. Moore also patented a piece of land next to Thomas Adams in 1782 (Leitch map).

      1783 22 May: 211 acres on the Calf Pasture River, adj. "Guy's" [Grants I, 1783-84, p.6-7]

      1785 Oct 12: Wrote will while planning to take a journey down the Ohio River.

      1787 Nov 27: 800 acres on the head of Hamilton Run and on the Black Oak Hill and joining said Hamilton's land, for 4 lbs sterling. Mentions "meeting house draft", [Grants 14, 1787-88, p.643]

      1787 Nov 28: 1777 acres west side of Calf Pasture River, of which 545 acres were previous granted to Adams by patent on Jan 12, 1780 and the residue never previously granted. This land is adj. land of Wm. Loughridge, James Gay, and John Hodge. Adams paid 2 lbs sterling for this land. [Grants 14, 1787-88, p.645]

      1794 Jul 5: Commonwealth of VA grants to William Adams Fry and William Smith, legatees of Thomas Adams dec'd, 400 acres surveyed 8 Nov 1792 lying in Greenbrier Co on the waters of the Little Meadow River including the meadow and bounded as follows...(various trees) ...west of the ford where Lick Creek Road John Fannie(?) near the head of a Matthew Henry Lee, Governor of VA. [Grants 31, p.140-141]

      15th February, 1788: Thomas Adams witnessed the will of Andrew Hamilton of the Calfpasture. [Will Bk 7, p. 260 - Chalkley vol 3, p.189]

      1788 Oct 22: Will proved (dated 12 Oct 1785)

      31st October, 1788. Thomas Adams' estate appraised--19 negro slaves, &c. Above this entry is appraisement of estate in Augusta. [Will Bk 7, p.312, Amherst and Buckingham county appraisements on p.316, 317; have in laptop; doesn't describe location of land or mention Ralph Wanless)

      Estate of Thomas Adams in account with Wm. A. Fry, executor, Dr.--1788, paid to William Britt. [Chalkley, vol 3, p.217 - Will Bk 9, p.45]

      19th October, 1788. Frederick County. William Cocke instructs the Court to add his name as security for Massie and Fry as executors of Adams. [Augusta Co Will Bk 7, p.103 - Chalkley vol 3, p.182]

      Chalkley vol 2, page 7
      Samuel McDowell vs. Thomas Massie and William Adams Fry, executors. Thomas Adams, deceased--Case. Writ, 4th October, 1791. No inhabitants.

      Chalkley vol 2, page 48
      Lange vs. Adams--Full account of names of heirs of Col. Thos. Adams.
      --no date in Chalkley, maybe Sept 1805, per previous pages. Nancy Sorrells was unable to locate this file in the Augusta courthouse 1/99; perhaps when their current indexing project is done it will turn up.
    Person ID I858  1: Ralph(?) & Margaret Wandless or Wanless
    Last Modified 13 Dec 2002 

    Father Ebenezer Adams,   b. Bef 1700, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 13 Jun 1735, New Kent Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 35 years) 
    Mother Tabitha Cocke,   b. Abt 1698, (probably) New Kent Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1760, New Kent Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years) 
    Married Abt 1718  New Kent Co, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F259  Group Sheet

    Family Elizabeth Fauntleroy,   b. 26 Jun 1736,   d. 1792  (Age 55 years) 
    Married Bef Jun 1777  Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 21 Mar 2001 
    Family ID F268  Group Sheet

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