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Luke Wanlass - was born on 1 Apr 1793 in Harper Town, Lambley, Northumberland, England
Mary Wanless - was born on 1 Apr 1858 in Ingoe, Stamfordham, NBL, England
Margaret Kinnison Wanless - was born on 1 Apr 1880 in St. Clement, Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Edward Arrivee Wanless - was born on 1 Apr 1890 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio, USA
Wilfred Wanless - was born on 1 Apr 1901 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

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Tree #50: William Wanless & Ann English

34 people

William Wanless married Ann English in Chester le Street, Durham in 1817. He started out as a coalminer, but shortly became a gardener. They had 2 sons, then moved to Bishopwearmouth and had 2 more sons. William died in 1825 around the time their last son was born. A year later, Ann remarried to Thomas Smith and had more children; they moved to Iveston by 1851. Their descendants lived in Bishopwearmouth and Darlington.

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GRO Birth Index 1837-1911 updated with mother’s maiden surnames

Updated the GRO Birth Index for 1837 to mid-1911 with mother’s maiden surnames, which are now supplied on the main GRO site.

Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall moved to tree 52

Moved the 45-person tree of Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall from the catch-all database (tree 100) into tree 52 (John Wanless and Ann Harpley/Hartley). We’re 90% sure Thomas is a son of John and added […]

George Wandless & Ann Lax moved to the Lumley-area tree

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