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Elizabeth Wandlass - was born on 18 Dec 1764 in Field House, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, England
Martin Custard or Cousater Wandless - was born on 18 Dec 1827 in South Shields, Durham, England
Thomas Wanless - was born on 18 Dec 1847 in Newham, Bamburgh, NBL
Anna Mae Wanless - was born on 18 Dec 1875 in Bluffton, Winneshiek Co, Iowa
Mary Eliza "Mamie" Wanless - was born on 18 Dec 1884 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

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Tree #3: George Wanless & Mercime Riddell of Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland

1124 people

George Wanless (b. early 1730s) is probably related to the Wanless family of Auchope farm in Tree #2. Their tombstones are close together in the Yetholm Kirkyard. This tree includes the following subtrees & migrations:
-- John Wanless & Nellie Willis (Canada and USA)
-- Thomas Wanless & Elizabeth Jones (Argenteuil, QUE)
-- Lt. Col. John Wanless & Maria Gates (Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico)
-- Archibald Wanless (Charleston, South Carolina)
-- Captain John Andrew Wanless (Kansas/Oklahoma/Missouri)
-- John Wanless & Isabella Ewen (Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, & Edinburgh Scotland; Leeds, Yorkshire; Salt Lake City, Utah; Montreal, Canada; Australia).

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Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall moved to tree 52

Moved the 45-person tree of Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall from the catch-all database (tree 100) into tree 52 (John Wanless and Ann Harpley/Hartley). We’re 90% sure Thomas is a son of John and added […]

George Wandless & Ann Lax moved to the Lumley-area tree

Moved the family of George Wandless & Ann Lax from the Strays tree into tree 35. Realized that Ann Lax Wandless was the Ann Wandless who married Thomas Turnbull, because their son William Turnbull b. […]

Wanlesses mentioned in the Alnwick Mercury newspaper

Extracted from the Alnwick (Northumberland) Mercury at

Alnwick Mercury 1 June 1857 Deaths – At Australia, lately, aged 60, Mr. Wm. Wanless, blacksmith, formerly of Rock, near this town.

Alnwick Mercury 2 June 1862 […]