Martin Wandless Green [Graydon], sea captain of Sunderland, on trial in London for cruelty to cabin boy, 1 Nov 1833

Thames Police Office: Yesterday, Martin Wandless Green, master of the ship Actaeon of Sunderland, last from Ireland with corn, and John Routledge, mate of the same ship, were brought before Mr. Broderip and Mr. Combe, charged with committing a most cruel assault on Joseph Calmes, an apprentice belonging to the vessel. William Arnall, a waterman, stated that he was on board Thursday morning and saw the captain beating the boy and the mate afterward assisted in the cruel attack. [Account of beating follows, with the captain's defense.] The captain and mate agreed to each pay the boy 4s and the boy was taken off the ship. [Note from Holly: I believe this is Martin Wandless Graydon, who was a ship captain out of Sunderland at this time. In 1832, the same ship, Acteon, sailed into Quebec under captain "Grayden". There is no other evidence that Martin Wandless GREEN existed. In 1835, the Actaeon or Acteon, under first mate Routledge, foundered off the coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada.]

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Owner/Source The London Times, Nov 02, 1833
Linked to Martin Wandlass Graydon
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