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4 Aug 1930 Matthew Wanless of Newcastle wounded in struggle with shooter in Lover's Lane near Denton Burn

Youth Wounded By Man Unknown To Him

Robert Batey, a young man of Edward Gardens, Newcastle, lies in the Newcastle Infirmary with a severe wound in the neck alleged to have been caused by a shot from a sports gun fired by an unknown assailant on Saturday night. Batey and a friend named Matthew Wanless were going by way of Lover's Lane to Denton Burn when, it was stated, a man with a scarf tied over his face stopped them, and after making a remark they did not understand, fired a shot into Batey's neck. Wanless closed with the stranger and during a struggle Wanless's hand was injured. Eventually Wanless was knocked to the ground and the stranger escaped. The two injured men were conveyed to the Infirmary, but Wanless was discharged.

Owner/SourceThe Scotsman, page 10
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