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1903: Henry Wandless and Grace Konopak - how they met and wed

The World (New York), Wednesday evening, 3 Oct 1903.
Love Romance In Change of Mind
While Her Fiance Was in Australia Miss Konopak Decided to Marry Dr. Henry Wandless When He Proposed
There is a man at the Pierrepont, No. 45 West 32nd St, who believes that a woman has a perfect right to follow the bent of her own disposition and change her mind in love affairs without being criticised. By such a change he has been made, according to his own declarations, the happiest of men, and a man way off in Australia has received a cablegram announcing the revocation of an engagement which might have mde him the joyful one.
Dr. Henry Wandless is the happy man, Miss Grace Konopak, a very beautiful girl of Toledo, is the wife, and Francis McCarty, of Corning NY, an electrical engineer fighting for a fortune in Australia, is the one jilted. Two years and a half ago, Wandless, a young oculist, visited Toledo. He met the beautiful Miss Konopak and began suit for her hand. The oculist is of a retiring disposition and did not move fast. Francis McCarty was in Toledo at the same time. He too met the lovely girl. Being a young man of action, while Wandless was hesitating whether he should offer his hand and fortune to the young girl, McCarty had proposed and was accepted. Miss Konopak then went to Corning to visit McCarty's parents. McCarty had a call from Australia for some remunerative work and left his fiance with a promise from her that she would join him in his new home and that they would be married there. Miss Konopak had every intention in the world of following out the schedule to the letter, but on her way to Toledo, she came to New York first. Here she met Wandless again, and this time he was more fervent in his protestations. More than that, he said something about a long trip just for a marriage, when there might be a wedding here that would be just as happy for her. The girl hesitated and returned to Toledo. This time Wandless acted in earnest. He too went to Toledo. There he pressed his suit and was married before Miss Konopak could change her mind again. Away off in Australia McCarty, who was making elaborate preparations for the wedding, received the cable "Cannot possibly come.". Before McCarty received the letter that followed, the Wandlesses were on their honeymoon.

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