Tree: 29: Wandlass families originating around Hartburn, Northumberland, England

Tree Name  29: Wandlass families originating around Hartburn, Northumberland, England 
Description  This database contains family lines originating in the Hartburn area of Northumberland. There are intermarriages between at least 2 lines of Wandlass/Wanlace/Wanless families, plus a few families whose relationship to the whole isn't yet known. It includes the lines of:
  • Robert Wanless & Margaret Deemster or Isabel Snawdon of Hepple, Rothbury (married in the 1660s). Descendants lived primarily around Rothbury, Hartburn, Netherwitton, Kirkharle, Birtley, Great Bavington, and Heddon-on-the-Wall. This includes the line of Stephen Wanless & Jane Bolam (md. 1828, Birtley, NBL).
  • George & Ann Wandlass who married before 1684. Their descendants are concentrated in the Hartburn area, with later heavy representation around Tone & Chollerton in Northumberland. this includes the line of John Wandlass who married Jane Brown in 1790 and lived at Monkwearmouth and Southwick in Co. Durham.
  • children of Thomas Wanless & Eleanor Williamson emigrated to the USA, with the family of John Wandlass (b. 1847) settling in Girardville, Schuylkill co, Pennsylvania about 1864 and his sister Eleanor settling in Utah and then Montana.
  • several children of Mark Wanlace & Jane Craigie/Cragild emigrated to Australia in the 1850s.
  • several small family groups for whom we don't have larger relationships.

Parish notes: Netherwitton was a chapelry annexed to Hartburn parish. Ritton was in Netherwitton, so is referred to in some places as being part of Hartburn. Hawick was in Kirkharle parish until 1847 when it was transferred to Kirkwhelpington.

Some of the early relationships are speculative and are marked as such and contain notes about the theory and logic -- we welcome any proof OR refutation of our theories!

Individuals  1,088 
Families  329 
Sources  103 

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