Tree: 4: Luke Wanlass & Ann Jackson of Alston, Cumberland, England

Tree Name  4: Luke Wanlass & Ann Jackson of Alston, Cumberland, England 
Description  Luke Wanlass (abt 1743-1797) married Ann Jackson in Alston, Cumberland; this database primarily concerns the following children of Luke & Ann: Ralph (1781-abt 1825), a shipwright, merchant, and lead miner in Alston, whose grandson Ralph (1845-1926) emigrated from England to Clinton, Iowa about 1883; and Jackson (1789-1859) who was a lead miner in Alston. Four of Jackson's children (Ann, William, Jackson, Ellen) were early Mormon converts who emigrated to Ray Co, Missouri, USA in the early 1850s, and then to Utah, with most of them settling in the Lehi area (Ann & Ellen went first to Canada). The original Luke may or may not be the son of Luke Wanlass & Barbara Dumble; we are seeking evidence to corroborate or refute this theory. 
Individuals  394 
Families  126 
Sources  45 

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